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Excel, a product of the tech giant Microsoft, is a powerful tool that can simplify and automate data management tasks. Our team from Excel Help is here to help you with any Excel related programming and automation tasks. Might it be the reformatting of an existing Excel report – up to very complex automations by VBA coding or a creation of XML files. Custom software solutions for small or medium sized companies are also possible. Think of customized applications for accounting, sales or invoicing. Everything can be built within Microsoft Excel.

For basic Excel help, our comprehensive guide below aims to provide Excel help to users by covering various aspects like formatting, text alignment and number formatting. Read through the helpful articles and see if your problem might be possible to be solved through one of the suggested articles.

Introduction to the basics of Excel Help

Microsoft Excel, a spreadsheet program, has been a mainstay in many businesses and personal lives for managing, analyzing, and presenting data. This guide serves to offer Excel help to both novice and seasoned users looking to enhance their proficiency in this versatile tool.

Formatting in Excel

Formatting is an integral part of Excel that can significantly enhance the readability and appearance of your data. With the right formatting, your data can stand out, making it easier to spot trends and patterns.

  1. Font Options: Excel offers a plethora of font options, allowing users to alter the font style, size, and color of their data. By simply selecting the cells you wish to modify and using the font options in the Home tab, you can give your data a fresh look.
  2. Color Coding: Excel also provides the option to fill cells with color. This feature can be particularly useful when you want to emphasize certain data.
  3. //Select the cells you want to fill with color
  4. Select Cells -> Click Fill Color -> Choose Color
  5. Column Titles: You can enhance the visibility and prominence of your column titles by making them bold and changing their font and size.

Text Alignment

Text alignment is another important aspect of Excel formatting. Aligning your text can make your data more organized and easier to read. Excel offers the option to align your text to the left, right, or center.

In the Home tab, under the Alignment group, you can find various text alignment options.

Number Formatting

Excel provides numerous options for number formatting, including currency, percentage, date, and custom number formats. By using these options, you can ensure that your numbers are displayed in a format that best suits your data’s needs.

  1. Date Formatting: Excel allows you to display dates in different formats. You can opt to include the weekday in your date by selecting the Long Date option under Number Format.
  2. Currency Formatting: If your data involves monetary values, Excel’s currency formatting can come in handy.

Excel Web App

The Excel Web App is a cloud-based version of Excel that allows you to access and work on your spreadsheets from anywhere, anytime. One of the many advantages of using Excel Web App is its auto-save feature, which automatically saves your progress as you work.

Excel Community Support

Microsoft has established a vibrant community for Excel users where you can find how-to discussions and best practices. If you ever need Excel online help, this community is a great place to start.


The Excel community also employs an auto-suggest feature that can help you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. This feature can save you time when looking for specific information or solutions.

Community Discussions

Community discussions are a great resource for getting Microsoft Excel help. They offer a platform for users to share their experiences, challenges, and solutions. You can find discussions on a wide range of topics, from basic Excel functions to more advanced techniques.

Tech Accelerator

Microsoft also organizes the Tech Accelerator for Excel, a special event where users can learn more about the latest Excel features and functions.


If you encounter any issues while using Excel, Microsoft offers a robust troubleshooting service. You can send a detailed description of the issue along with a screenshot to the Microsoft Tech Community for help.

Advanced Filters

If you encounter any issues while using Excel, Microsoft offers a robust troubleshooting service. You can send a detailed description of the issue along with a screenshot to the Microsoft Tech Community for help.


Excel is a powerful tool that, when fully harnessed, can transform the way you manage and analyze data. With the right knowledge and resources, you can become proficient in Excel. This guide aims to offer Excel help to users on their journey to becoming Excel power users.

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