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Customized software solutions
(VBA / JAVA Programming)

Did you always want to have your own customized software for your business in order to improve your current processes and to work more efficient? Excel Help is specialized in different programming languages such as VBA and JAVA. Furthermore, we make sure that we will make the software work on both Windows as well as on MAC systems. Are you still wondering about what the benefits are of a custom vs off-the-shelf software? Contact us for free advice!

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Excel Help for formulas, dashboards & complex spreadsheets

Most spreadsheets can be updated and automated with the newest Excel functions and and formulas to enhance the overall quality of the file. Integrating new features in your excel spreadsheet will result in a work time reduction and increases efficiency in your daily operations. Curious how Excel Help can automate your current workbooks or how you could present your data in a user-friendly dashboard? Are you stuck with a complex formula and you simply need help from an Excel Expert? Do not hesitate to contact us for a free advice.

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Excel Automation & Macro Programming

Excel Help offers a broad variety of automation solutions within and outside excel. VBA programming can connect different applications with each other and is therefore highly valued in terms of automating frequent tasks like report creation, KPI calculation and presentation as well as visualization with interactive graphs or charts. Would you like to have Excel preparing your offers, invoices or customer emails with customized information automatically? We can link the office applications with each other so that there is no need of additional steps like copy and paste excel data into an email or searching for the right recipient. No matter if you need a small VBA macro or a complex process which you want to get automated – Excel-Help will get this sorted out.

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Web & Android Applications

Would you like to hire a developer that can program your own web based application so that multiple users can easily access and exchange data via an online system? Would you like this application to have specific access rights per user to protect confidential data? Setting up your own web based application is a technical boost for your business and will enhance efficiency drastically. Due to the fact that this will be 100% customized – you will only have to deal with functions you really want and need to successfully run your business. Would you like to extend your internet presence in the form of an mobile phone app? Our team will be glad to assist you with setting up a development plan for your own Android app.

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How can we help you?

Contact us now for a free personal advice. Small Excel Help or Programming requests(*) will be free of charge!

*Small requests are defined as requests, where a solution is found within 15 minutes

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