Due to the increasing globalization of the world economies as well as the importance of having an efficient software for your company and processes, more and more companies are questioning from which source they should purchase a custom software solution. There is no doubt why some companies are afraid of expanding their own IT department or to set one up, as the salaries are on average much higher for the IT-resources than for any other department. So which solutions can Excel Help offer to still program and offer a custom software solution to a fair price?

Excel Help is offering its programming solutions to customers worldwide since 2015. Our benefit is, that we work from our headquarter in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, remotely and can therefore save a lot of costs. We do not have to maintain expensive office locations and hire facility managers etc. – which makes it possible to offer our programming solutions to lower prices than our competitors. This applies to all our offered services like: development of mobile apps for Android systems, web based applications, custom software solutions within or outside Excel (VBA or JAVA programming services) as well as general requests for Excel help or automation. We set it as a goal, to provide fast and adequate solutions to our customers. Because of the fact that we are not represented with offices worldwide, we make the use of remote control software like “Teamviewer” or “Skype”. Those software solutions have the benefit, that you can share your screens with each other and discuss also complex projects and files as if you would sit right next to each other. The optional function of phone calls makes it possible to have 0 phone costs during the project discussions and is therefore highly suitable for a custom software solution project meeting.

The meetings and status updates will be agreed on a mutual base. That means, that on the beginning of a custom software solution project, the deadlines for each milestone will be set together. This will help to monitor and track the process of the custom software and to identify possible malfunction or missing functions in the custom software. The status updates will help to enhance the application until the next status update to guarantee, that all your system requirements will be embedded in the custom software.

But it is not just the remote control software which helps Excel Help to operate successfully on a global scale, it is also the fact that we offer customer service support through three different country numbers – USA, Germany and The Netherlands! We are daily reachable also on public holidays as well as Sundays. Excel Help set it as its mission to satisfy customer needs and wants for their custom software solutions as fast and reliable as possible. We therefore even offer a “Best Price Guarantee”, which means that we will try to underbid your existing competitors offer if you send it to us with all the custom software requirements. Of course, the quality will still be as high as usual! And in case you should not be happy about the custom software – we offer a money back guarantee.

All our services can vary in their prices – but especially in custom software projects, the prices can be higher if the complexity of processes is above average. In order to secure your payments, we of course understand the importance of partial payments after each milestone has been reached – so you do not have to worry about the money transactions. In case you should still have questions or would like one of our assistants to explain you more about the possibility of custom software programming or of another offered Excel Help service – please reach out to us via phone or email. Excel Help is happy to assist you!

Are you wondering if your small or medium sized business should consider a fully customized software to enhance and accelerate current business processes? Hire an Excel Specialist now to enhance your business processes.

In order to get the most out of an individual software and your cooperation with your Excel-Help programmer or VBA Specialist, you should first start identifying the key functions you are expecting from the Excel VBA or Java based program. Both programming languages will provide you nearly limitless possibilities for automations in Excel, Outlook and JAVA application.

Compatibility is key – Visual Basic for Applications or JAVA programming?

Are you a MAC user and do not want to switch your computer system? Then we would highly recommend a JAVA software, which runs both on Windows and MAC. VBA programming can also be possible on MAC, but usually needs a different coding, which results in a more time consuming work. It will also be possible to create a double coding on VBA so that the program can run on both MAC and Windows systems. To ensure your data will be stored safely, the JAVA program can be run on a server, which frequently creates back-up copies of your database. But also the Excel VBA software will store your data and create back-up copies on your set time frame.

Benefits of Fully Customized Software:

Creating your own business application can be very interesting process and you might even rethink current procedures once you start seeing the possibilities of an individual software. You will be able to create your own customized design, adding your company logo, visualizing your analyses and KPIs in a variety of graphs or charts as well as embedding ad-hoc analyses, dashboards and user-logins to protect certain areas for each user. Do you have to handle to many E-mails and would like to automate the processes together with your new software? This will all be possible if we link your JAVA or Excel VBA programmed software together with your Outlook application. In comparison to off-the-shelf software, your individual software will only contain functions that your employees really need to use, which significantly increases the end-user experience.

Fed up with paying software license fees? Depending on the complexity of your program and especially if you are in need for a server based solution, the new software will usually not cost fees and is easily maintained by yourself in case of smaller changes. As it is the goal to develop a user-friendly software solution, the core variables of your business should be easily adjustable without any further help from a programmer, resulting in time and cost savings.